My wife did the most adorable thing with trees!

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My wife and I are avid Don't Starve players (we own the game on every platform and she is much, much better than I). We started playing Don't Starve Together using a single game (on PS4) and changing hands every couple days (we don't have two PCs so we came up with our own way to play!). You can't imagine how much fun it is to team up together, or secretly sabotage the others plans!

One day, my wife decided to take the game herself and shooed me out of the room. For 33 days, she toiled away at making this adorable wood tree name for me, surviving through the hounds, avoiding tentacles, and eating boatloads of Jerky.

She was finally ready to show me and it was the dead of winter. The hounds came (dogs randomly show up to kill you) so she took over until we were safe. I went exploring and found the tree name, and cried for the cuteness of it!

We took pictures, I played around, sang songs, and did more adorable stuff with it.

Until night came. It was by a bunch of spiders and one of them wondered into my campfire as I was freezing. I killed it, which attracted more spiders, so I ran away. All seemed safe, except another batch of hounds appeared out of nowhere and started chasing me! I had one torch, lots of grass, and no twigs. So I couldn't make another torch or fire to live through the night.

It comes to pass that she finished the tree name on day 38. And I killed our character on the night of the 38th. Such short lived adorableness!



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We freaked out since you gave us that link. We're so psyched! 


I'm trying to see if I can set up DST on an AWS server that we have. Not sure if it's possible but I'm going to try! 

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