[Item concept] The Coco-copter !

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Hello friends,


I have been playing Shipwrecked quite a lot lately, and thought about a few item concepts.

My base had a few Pig houses, and those guys are quite helpful. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that it was impossible to bring my friends across the ocean for my adventures on Tallbird Island.


Thus, I came up with this idea: the Coco-copter











Equipped on yourself, this hat does nothing, but on a pig, it will allow them to float above the water and follow you in the open sea ! The little palm-rotor starts spinning when you jump on the boat, and you can set sail with your followers for adventure !


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If it makes them fly (rather than giving them a little boat to follow you in, which is admittedly less amusing to watch) it seems like it should be a Magic item due to the blatant defiance of physics, and the recipe seems a little too cheap even for general crafting; it doesn't even need any refined materials like rope. But I definitely like the idea!


And I agree that it should be equippable on spiders if you're Webber. And perhaps also smallbirds? They're not completely flightless like their adult stage, but they can only briefly hover, so it wouldn't be that weird to put a helicopter hat on a bird under the circumstances.

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Bonus concept:



For the love of sanity, who would give this to a monkey?! - Ohh probably they steal it after you kill the pig. Flying monkeys, will we have a yellow brick road next? :D


I love this whole concept, but sadly, since I can't think of a logical reason why the player couldn't use the hat, that would probably be a mark against implementation.


I love the clock-o-dial idea too - I saw that mentioned in forums but didn't click as I didn't want spoilers; now I'm rather disappointed it's not a real mob!

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