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  1. Ohh right! Thank you! ^.^ Think Klei might have mentioned that, after getting people to pay actual money for the things... >.>
  2. I'm really frustrated, I just bought the Fanciful Chest with the Abigail flower skins but I can't work out how to use them There's no option to set them in-game even with a wardrobe, no option to set them during character select at the start of a new game, I'm stumped!! Can anyone explain to me how to do this please? I have been searching all over the forums, wiki and on Google but there's nothing about this whatsoever... What am I missing and how come everyone else finds it so obvious?! Is this a bug? The Wendy skins are working fine and the other items in the chest (parasol, bonnet & the wardrobe itself) are all there...
  3. I just bought the new Hamlet DLC as part of a discounted bundle on Steam, but already owned the other DLC in the bundle (vanilla game, SW, DST etc.) At first I couldn't get Hamlet to install, but then I managed to jig the update queue by unchecking and rechecking the 'install' boxes in the game properties; now it says it's installed but - where is it?! It doesn't show as a separate game in the library, but if I run Don't Starve, it doesn't show on the new game menu either - the only games I can select are Don't Starve, Shipwrecked or RoG. Have closed and restarted Steam any number of times, so that isn't doing anything. Help please?!
  4. Interesting... I'd been noticing a complete lack of flotsam in a few of my games, even before discovering the Sunken Boat, but just figured I was unlucky - maybe this explains it!
  5. Playing RoG with SW enabled but not yet crossed over; character Woodie, day after Werebeaver transformation (around day 74-ish); being chased by fire hounds in autumn at night; put on life giving amulet then set fire to a tree for more light, but hound caught up and killed me; amulet attempted resurrection amid fiery inferno of tree + all my inventory stacks, resulting in game crash. Some popular mods used but no relation to character stats, highly unlikely to be related. One touchstone also active in world.
  6. He destroyed one pig house, then just wandered around smashing trees and getting into fights with Treeguards. Never attempted to head for my base, and as stated, was oblivious to my presence (even when he wasn't fighting). Wondering if some mods I use have accidentally affected mob behaviour - I don't use any which specifically affect mobs, but you never know, they could have coding errors...
  7. This has happened to me twice now in two different games, and once to someone else on the fan wiki, so I think it bears reporting. Unless you have nerfed Deerclops, which would be a shame... Deerclops is spawning as usual and stomping around targeting structures, fighting other mobs etc. - but seems completely indifferent to the player! Not that I tried whacking him, because I'm not suicidal, but usually if you get anywhere within sight range he comes after you with a vengeance - and I actually wanted to lead him to my trap field. Suddenly it seems I can run around under his nose and he doesn't care! So I was able to gather materials as he stomped around a forest and even stop to light a nice warm fire... Really not the sort of thing you expect to do in his vicinity! I'm playing RoG with SW enabled but haven't built the Seaworthy yet. I'm using a few mods, but nothing mob related (Combined Status, Smart Crockpot, Storeroom and Wormhole Marks) and they are all RoG/SW compatible.
  8. Pickle barrel! lmao. I have had Chester get stuck before, usually if you go so fast you get more than a screen away from him; then he just seems to stop (I haven't had him go back to base though!) If you have the walking cane, or coffee, on a paved road then this can very easily happen.
  9. I am playing Reign of Giants, but Shipwrecked is enabled (as I am hoping to switch worlds when I can build the Seaworthy). I have picked cactus flowers to make a Floral Shirt for the summer, but the recipe in my alchemy engine requires 5 normal flower petals instead - the same as the SW recipe - even though it's supposed to be? (or at least always was...) cactus flowers in RoG. Has the recipe been intentionally changed, or is this a DLC linkage bug? I must say being able to make it with petals is a lot easier, but that's not usually the style of this game!
  10. Sorry, but it is not fixed - I'm still not getting berry bushes on my maps in newly generated RoG worlds. No mods!
  11. When there are catcoon dens near frog spawners, or (this time) due to a frog rain, leading to inter-mob battles as I go past on-screen, the game crashes. I took a picture of the error screen this time but so far it has happened every time since (at least) the Quacken update. I'm not using any mods.
  12. I'd noticed this one but at the time I had a couple of mods enabled so I wasn't sure - I just started a new RoG world with no mods enabled and yep, like you, no berry bushes on the map. So can confirm this is a bug! Thanks for posting. Incidentally I haven't found any of the shipwrecked type bushes you get around pigs, but they seem to show up fine on SW worlds, it's just the standard bush-hat type bushes that aren't showing.
  13. I use this and it's really handy, but I can report it no longer works on the Google Chrome browser on Windows 10; it just gives a 'web page not found' error. Had to install Firefox for it to work.
  14. Season summer, cacti obviously in bloom, but when picked, only dropped cactus flesh, no flowers. I had two mods enabled when I generated the world, so it seems likely it was a mod bug, except they were only interface mods (map and status) so how could that affect gameplay? On the other hand I was crashing when I tried to pick the cactus (and a lureplant) until I disabled the mods. I leave this here for completeness sake, if others without mods start reporting cactus issues then you know it's the game, otherwise let's put it down to modding issues!
  15. I was running around on a large beach biome, nowhere near the water, with my surfboard in inventory and I noticed that bits were breaking off and then submerging in bubbles in the sand, the way they do when your board is taking damage in the water. I don't know if it affected the board's actual health because I don't remember the value from before I picked it up, but it was already fairly damaged from use. You can just see a piece vanishing under the tip of the picked sapling above Walani, with water drops - sorry it isn't clearer, they vanish quite fast before you can get a screenshot in. Yes that is fairly near the water, but it also happened much further away, this is just where I was able to get a picture. (This is either the day before or the first day of Hurricane season, by the way, and it isn't raining.)