Bug: Sand bags preventing structure placement?


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I have a small base partially surrounded by sand bags. I can place structures outside the base, even near the sandbags, but not inside the base anywhere. There is more than enough space to place structures in the base, as far as I can tell. Image

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So I've been looking a little further into it. Doesn't seem to be a sand bag issue, but a hitbox issue in general. I first noticed it when I couldn't place a sand bag on clear land. After removing all my sand bags, I still can't place a crock pot anywhere near anything else.

In this picture, I'm trying to place a crock pot somewhere that would normally be fine. I could place it a bit farther up/right, but not where I was trying, or any closer to my first crock pot.

That being said, I was able to place another chest (you can see it next to my character) with no problem. I've so far encountered the placement issue with: sand bag, chimnea, crock pot, and sign.



Another example:

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Reloading the game fixed this issue for me. I was having problems placing a Palm Shelter in a spot that would usually be fine. After reloading it let me place it where it was previously not allowing me.


Somewhat related to this, if you hammer down a structure, such as an Alchemy Machine for example, it sometimes won't let you place anything where that structure used to be. Again, reloading fixes this.

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