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  1. I've had multiple cases where I get a notification that so-and-so has mastered their job... long after so-and-so is dead. I'm pretty sure they've always been lying around on the floor rotting when this happens, because let's face it, if my base is going badly enough that everyone is dying, I don't have time to build memorials. But it's a little weird that the dead are still learning their jobs after they've punched out for good.
  2. Also me. I hope they hotfix this soon. I want my blubber, dang it!
  3. I've had the same problem with hacking. Those darn dead whales are mocking me. I'm pretty sure I've read that you need to blow up the dead ships with one of the grenade items, though. I was able to hammer one of my old boats just fine.
  4. This may be a dumb question, but did you load a spear into the gun first? Or were you just hitting the jellyfish with the gun itself?