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  1. Thanks, but I rarely keep Steam signed in and open. On the other hand, I check my email at least a couple times a day, which is why I've remained signed up to receive news that way.
  2. Whaaa..? Did an email announcement not go out for this? The last one I got was for the Xbox preorder =( . Haven't kept up on the news for quite a while, as I'm not a fan of DST and don't own other gaming consoles. Just happened to see this referenced elsewhere. It'll be interesting to see what the Hamlet DLC will have in store! I'll have to make sure and put it on my Wishlist! Might check out the Shipwrecked beta stuff as well. It's been a bit since I've played in that mode. Good to see single-player getting some love again!
  3. Was a hotfix put out or something? Because otherwise, I didn't receive any help so... yeah. I ended up having to dump the save since I couldn't stop the lightning and it wouldn't stop on its own.
  4. No, this isn't regular hurricane season effects. Lightning flashes don't come with on the spot regularity every several seconds in a normal storm. There's a variance to them. This has also been going on even after the other storm effects pass. I've played more than enough Shipwrecked to spot a break in the normal processes.
  5. Not certain if this is a one-time glitch, or if others have had this issue. I'm playing Wilson in Shipwrecked, no world modifications made and no mods installed. Current season is the second season (hurricane?). A storm started as normal with rain, wind, hail, and lightning. While most everything tapered off, I seem to be stuck with regular persistent lightning flashes. These aren't strikes, just the visual effect of the flash and the sound of thunder, and it happens with regularity every several seconds. Saving, shutting down the game, and restarting didn't fix the issue. Can someone tell me if there's a console command to stop the flashes? I tried to search it, but had no luck.
  6. Four for iceboxes, as I prefer having three for my main base: first is for already prepared crockpot dishes, meats (raw/cooked/jerky), plus any honey I have; second is for veggies and flower petals; third is for seeds and ice. I've tried to keep it down to one or two iceboxes before, but tend to quickly run out of room. One playthrough I overproduced enough that I had overflow stored in a snow chester, as well... The fourth icebox goes into the summer camp, along with a flingo-matic. I know it's entirely possible to survive off of dragon pies or honey or honey ham or anything else really, without the variety. I just get bored with trying to do so, or end up short on whatever ingredient so end up making something else instead of the planned single dish.
  7. Sure I can, but unless they changed it so that the gears are just lying there on the ground somewhere near where I spawn... it's a wee bit more involved than that, isn't it? ;P To find it, if I don't just stumble across it while hunting a base location or doing something else, means putting off gathering other resources or building at my base or any other task that might need doing while I explore specifically for it. When I do find it, I still have to fight to get them and I'm not especially good at combat. If I can, I'll try to get something else to fight the clockworks for me, which takes time to arrange. If I can't do that, then I have to make sure I've got enough resources for weapons, armor, and healing items so I don't get myself killed XD. I can easily burn through six gears just for a main base and a summer base. That leaves just four left for any other bases or items that require them. I don't think I'd ever survive as WX. I'd be too tempted to eat all the gears and run out.
  8. I find summer to be more difficult to deal with than winter, but I also don't find this particularly surprising. It was added to beef up the seasonal challenges. It requires a bit more effort than the default/vanilla seasons do. Winter is survivable with as little as an axe, some grass, and some wood. It won't be comfortable, by any means, but it is possible. You do have to keep on the move to keep your resources stocked and find food. The basic strategy is to fire hop until you find some place hospitable or until the weather warms back up. Wood and grass are usually easy enough to obtain. If they aren't available (such as if you don't have an axe, or you have wood but not grass or vice versa), then burning things on the way does in a pinch. The only biome which doesn't have either wood/grass or burnables is the rockland, so it's the only one where things can get really dire. In the case of resurrecting at a touchstone, dropping a triad of axe/wood/grass when it's discovered will do. This is why King of Winter is a do-able, if somewhat harsh, starting world in Adventure Mode. Summer, on the other hand, requires more than just some very basic items to survive. The only starter items available are the straw hat and the pretty parasol. Having both, however, won't get you far before overheating and both have at least a slight difficulty built into them. The straw hat requires a relatively large investment of grass and the parasol requires flower petals which can't be stored for long periods. Both degrade, so must be replaced once depleted. And since summer wilts plants, it's entirely possible to simply run out of materials, even if you had plenty left unharvested (where-as in winter they simply don't regrew once picked). Then there is smoldering that can simply wipe out needed resources, permanently. Combined with very little dusk, the ability to overheat even during the night, and the extremely short time sheltering under a tree will give, surviving with just the basics is very tricky. My difficulty comes from these things making summer much less forgiving than winter if I mess up on my preparations. In winter, I can at least scrape by with just a few resources. Summer... not so much. I never seem to have enough gears to spare for a main base, a summer base, and touchstones, so the touchstones either don't get used or I end up dying before I can get iceboxes set up (and so end up overheating if it's summer).
  9. While I appreciate the intent of this: I'm getting the same bug as others, with the menu constantly 'dinging' every time I move something in my inventory, which got annoying enough that I had to quit out of my game It seems to be a problem with buffered placeables that aren't the first option on their crafting tab. With the Food tab, I have a buffered basic farm, which causes the Food tab to show blue in the main crafting menu. It doesn't do the 'dinging' when I move stuff around. That seems to happen with the Structures and Lighting tabs, where the buffered items are further down on their respective tabs. Those tabs show green instead of blue and are the ones that keep triggering the alert sound. I'm not sure which is the intended outcome, with the main tab blue or just the buffered item blue, but I prefer the latter, myself.
  10. I..... think I have to agree with Maxwell, going by his expression. Wilson, no. Just... no. Beards are not food storage! XD
  11. You're very welcome Sorry everyone, I've been sick the last couple days, so I don't have any new art to share yet. Hopefully, I'll get around to doing more than sleep soon.
  12. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has visited the thread to view the art, and especially those who have commented! They are fun! And I know, right? Mushrooms for sanity... heh XD I shall keep going! In fact, here is something to thank you for all the lovely comments and encouragement. I hope you like it! If not, I can try something else. Apologies for the big empty space at the bottom right. I didn't originally plan on using a colored background, so the balance is a bit off.
  13. You make the messy work for you. That's something I can't do. I just end up with a mass of lines XD. Good job! These are creepy and interesting and fun to look at
  14. Ooh, I've always liked well done papercraft. Your stuff is pretty cool! Are you using something like a card stock, or is it gloss photo paper?