Bug: Invisible/Immune character

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I just got a strange bug playing with Maxwell. I teleported through a triangle and immediately got hit by a wave (I'm not sure exactly what caused the glitch) then my character became invisible. I could only see the shadow on the water, no boat either.


Then I went to an island and noticed spiders were not attacking me. Stepping on the web did cause them to come out but they just went back in, like I wasn't there.


Next I tested the monkeys. I killed one of them, the others got mad but didn't attack back or throw poop. 


So I was curious to see what happened when hounds came. Few days later they arrive, come running, bark and that's it. Not attacking me either.


I restarted the game and my character is no longer invisible but is still "immune" to other creatures attacks.

I can probably still die from starvation (since hunger meter still goes down), drowning, charlie, etc. 


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