[General] - I can't connect to servers. My severs are not saving and when I host, my friends join in the water.


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Category: General

Issue Title: I can't connect to servers. My severs are not saving and when I host, my friends join in the water.

Issue Description: Hi,

This is my first post here but the recent problems my friends and I have been having make it impossible to play this.

I use to play with a friend a while back and it was working great but I am experiencing many issues at the moment. First of all whenever I try to join a server, I get the same error message (I will attach a screenshot). This is public, friends, etc.

Secondly whenever I host a server, my friends are and I able to join BUT when my friends join they either get a map loaded that is all black or they spawn in water the majority of the time. They will see objects (trees, saplings, birds, etc) scattered throughout the black and water. Occasionally they will spawn on land, but it will be a completely different map from the one I am hosting and currently playing in. Alone I am able to play in the world just fine. My guess is because the error message before had something to do with loading maps, that my map isn't correctly loading in my server and my friends games are making their own maps on top of my hosted server (which is why they all of my trees, etc). No idea if that makes sense but I assume they're correlated.

Lastly whenever I disconnect from any of my hosted servers the game does not save the server and I always have empty 'New Server' slots.

I've seen a few unsolved post about this but none with all of these problems simultaneously, I'll give a detailed report and sent everything you requested which hopefully will help you find/solve the problem. Sorry for the long af post. Good Luck!

P.S. I found no .mdmp file in my bin in the steam folder for Don't Starve together.


Steps to Reproduce: I explained everything I did in the above post. To see the error I join any server and for friends to spawn in a different map they just join mine. I disconnect from my server and it isn't saved. That is all I did.

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Sorry I thought I attached these, I missed the add to post option.


Hope someone gets a chance to look at this. Also to add, I have already reinstalled, verified my cache and I am not running any mods in DST. I have seen the post regarding the HUDSize = line in the settings and it has not worked for me.





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Glad to know I'm not the only one...are you having all of the issues I am as well or only some? Kind of Odd that the dev came and told me the issue then gave no insight into a workaround or any info really :( Maybe sending your log data too might help them iunno

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