My Suggestions/Ideas for Shipwrecked.

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I do have a few ideas for the new DLC. It is wonderful, and will be even better once all of the bugs are out of it! These are my suggestions:


Spider Crab [Creature]

In the real world, these things are terrifying. And since we have both Spiders and Crabs in Don't Starve now (although maybe Spider Crab might be a bit too confusing, plus another type of spider...)
But I was thinking that these guys would spawn randomly in the sea, and would not harm you until you hit them first. They would be pretty bulky, I guess. They would live in packs, and attack whoever attacked one of their own. I don't think they would be very fast, and no match for Sea Traps. It's something to think about I guess. They could have a rare chance to drop a Crab Claw, which would be like a Ham Bat, but doesn't last as long.


Crab Meat [Food]

Instead of Crabs dropping Fish Morsel, Crabs (and potentially Spider Crabs) drop Crab Meat! Of course, this is all very nitpicky, but Crab Meat could be used in all sorts of new recipes, but taste terrible unless cooked or turned into other fodo.


Buoyster [Plant-like]

A floating oyster out in the sea that if picked, will give a pearl for your reward. It would only give one pearl per world, and would not be renewable. The Pearl could be used to craft a staff of some sort.


Fisherman/woman [Character]

I suppose this character whatever their name is would be very useful for the DLC. I'd imagine they gain sanity from being wet, but have very low sanity and go insane much faster. Maybe they would start with a harpoon of sort and a couple of sea traps. I'm not sure if changing anything else would make them too annoying or over powered, but... eh.


There you guys go. My useless and stupid ideas. :D

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