[bug] FPS drop when pressing any button in the crafting menu

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Hi, I keep getting an FPS drop (consistently) whenever I press any of the buttons on the crafting menu especially when i quickly scroll up and down. This happens without mods but only becomes worse as I add even just 1 mod. This bug is also present in RoG.


I'm running this from a laptop with more than capable hardware and I also do not get this issue whenever I play DST no matter how many mods I have active.


I've searched online and couldn't find a fix and other people are also getting this problem and has been around for awhile apparently.Some examples below.







http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/58704-graphics-sudden-fps-lag-when-scrolling-through-the-crafting-menu/ - my old bug report that I was hoping would get resolved with shipwrecked


Hope this could be fixed soon as that lag is just so annoying that it made me stop playing shipwrecked. :(


Reattaching the profile.json I did for this previously.


unknown.gif  profile with mods.zip   699.61KB   1 downloads

unknown.gif  profile no mods.zip   699.29KB   1 downloads

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I have exactly the same problem, I myself tried a lot of things but nothing seems to work, I hope the staff will have a fix for this... However a lot of people seems to run the game perfectly fine. That'd be nice if someone could help us on this one.

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