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  1. Does Citadel Servers have any plans to add a server in Asia (preferably Hong Kong)? I've been looking and looking for server rentals for DST in Asia but the only one my friends and I have found is Multiplay and they don't even offer Caves (their system can't link two separate servers together) nor mod support (I tried their Starbound servers and their support was horrendous, I might as well have spoken to a wall since I ended up fixing the problem myself with no help from them). Please drop me a message if you do open some slots in Hong Kong and I would rent from you, including caves, immediately. Thanks.
  2. @Ipsquiggle,@DarkXero, it took awhile but I was finally able to link the 3 worlds properly but I did it cascading that 10 default sinkholes from the overworld links to caves1 then 10 new/spawned sinkholes in caves1 links to caves2. Many thanks to you both for helping and the explanations! I did this as an experiment because I'm going to try to make different worlds have different challenges to spice things up. @Ipsquiggle, is there a chance that part of the DST roadmap will include the adventure mode from regular DS? Or at least the different map types for diversity? Thanks again!
  3. @DarkXero, I was able to follow the instructions to make a portal from overworld to slave 2. It brought me to the portal at slave2 (it's also a caves server) but when I try to link the cave_exit of slave2 to the master I get brought to the portal of slave1. Can I use the existing cave_exits on slave2 to link with the master or do I need to spawn new/separate cave_exits?
  4. @DarkXero, many thanks for the detailed instructions!!! I'll try this when I get home later.
  5. @DarkXero, I was finally able to connect the 2 slaves to the master. Apparently my mistake was that I didn't change the shardID of the 2nd slave when I copied the settings from the first, I only changed the ports originally. That's why the master was saying there was a duplicate slave. Just to check the worldmigrator.lua file you're referring to is the one found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\data\scripts\components or is it another file? And do I just add the code at the very end? Sorry, I'm not really familiar with coding to be able to figure this out on my own and I couldn't find an online reference to help me. Thanks so much for your help.
  6. @DarkXero, thanks for this. I will try this soon. However, will this fix the issue of the master being unable to accept connections from 2 slaves? I'm not a coder but it seems that these are based on the assumption that the 2 slaves are able to connect to the master and you just aren't able to migrate from one to the other automatically via sinkhole because of a lack of entrances/exits.
  7. @Ipsquiggle, I tried making a 3-level world with 2 kinds of configurations. Configuration 1: (all worlds have their sinkhole to the 1st/master) Overworld(master) -> cave1&cave2 Configuration 2: (cave2 should not have a sinkhole to the overworld) Overworld(master) -> cave1 -> cave2 Neither configuration worked. I changed the ports properly meaning each had it's own unique port and shard name and I just changed the master_port in caves2 to point to the port of which world I want it to connect to depending on the configuration. In configuration 1, if cave1 isn't turned on then cave2 will connect to the overworld. It seems like the master can only accept a connection from just 1 world. And that the slave (cave1) cannot accept a connection from another slave, which does make sense since it should be a master to accept a connection. I'm hoping there is a way to have multiple worlds (more that 2) connect to each other in either format. The ideal would be (1) to make a multiple level world like the adventure mode in DS (it would be nice if we could even use the map configuration of those adventure worlds also) but with sinkholes instead of the portal and (2) to be able to connect different servers like my friends multi-level server could connect to mine if both are online so we could co-op and help each other's server or lay siege to the other. Is there another setup I could do in settings.ini to make both configurations above work? Since changing the ports doesn't seem to work. Configuration 1 logs.zip Configuration 2 logs.zip
  8. @Ipsquiggle, up to how many slave servers can connect to a master server? And is it possible to have an overworld that connects to a caves world and then in that caves world you find sinkholes that connect to another world? Or do all slaves need to have their portal in the master and not slave to slave?