[Crash] - Campaign *corrupted* after mod update

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Campaign *corrupted* after mod update

Issue Description: I accidentally started a campaign WITH the API EXAMPLE MOD, recently it had an update, I downloaded Programs Extended (wanted it) and refreshed the whole thing. It turns out... I can't continue my last campaign. (Last mission DLC)

I have researched a little and so far I do NOT know any rewind function on updates. Wich makes my campaign not be playable anymore.

Please make a fix/method to rewind updates.

Included savegame as proof.

Steps to Reproduce: Create a mod (OPTIONAL).

Download the mod from workshop.

Refresh Invisible Inc. mods.

Create campaign with mod activated.

Update the mod/Wait for update.

Refresh Invisible Inc. mods.

Try to acces the campaign.

Result: Can only delete or go back to the main menu.

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Did you download those mods from a Steam workshop? If yes, try this:

1. Go to Steam\steamapps\common\InvisibleInc\mods and delete workshop mod folders.

2. Run the game, go to OPTIONS, tab GAMEPLAY and hit REFRESH MODS. After it's done, exit the game.

3. Run the game again.


Unless it's been patched out, refreshing Workshop mods in options can make a mess with Workshop mods already present ( errors in overwriting files already in use by program). Removing them and refreshing again will install them cleanly.


Also, what version of Programs Extended mod did you have before the problem(date of download)? Update V2.1 removed one option from campaign settings menu and I suspect that might be the cause of the save file corruption. Send me a savefile and I probably can resolve it.

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