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  1. It does that because you're editing simunit:onStartTurn(). This function is called for every unit in the game at turn start. This includes both player's turn start and corp's. Fix is simple: get rid of for loop, and replace every "unit" with "self".
  2. You can spawn agents in using dev console. Press Ctrl + ~ to open/close, and use mouse/cursor keys and Enter/Backspace to navigate. Note, by default it is disabled, you have to open "main.lua" file in game's folder and change "DEV=FALSE" to "DEV=TRUE".
  3. Enable V-Sync. Simple as that.
  4. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Yes, but you need to edit mod files directly, there is no GUI to dynamically change that order in-game. Editing can be a bit tricky if You don't know how it works.
  5. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Found another bug, but it might be not related to AGP: Happened while Decker zapped Drone Engineer during Sleep daemon induced skipover, as a result its icon never goes away and Seed discount persists. To me this looks like missing animation, but I'm probably wrong. invisibleinc.txt savegame.lua
  6. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    I have a bug for you: I got myself into a big mess, there are several guards alerted. Ghost (it's Plastech) cloaked, Admin got alerted and teleported out on the same turn.