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Multi Level dedicated server set custom portals ID unidirectional with worldmigrator.lua

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HI everybody, i'm working on beta-branch and i encounter difficulties in setting manually where should a sinkhole lead.

I linked 8 worlds to each other, 5 otherworld and 3 caves/ruins instances.
everything is running perfectly but i cant manage how dows sinkholes behave.
i would have made something like an adventure where reaching the next level (world) is harder.

In "auto" mode in wolrdmigrator.lua, the server behave this way : the MAIN thread where u spawn at the first log on server, is linked to the first one other instance ready after it, but the 10 sinkholes are linked. and they are unidirectional cause they tp you to rigged jurry portal of the next world. this is a irst step.

If u spawned in a cave thread, and then take stairs-up then, u will spawn in a 3rd world, but this time with a bidirectional sinkhole allowing you to go back to the second.

If now i use the command "c_reset()" on another thread, it will became the new next world destination whatever links already exist; It overrides every previous sinkhole link by setting this new wolrd as default for migrations. 

So i cant have a circular game (1->2->3->...->8->1) or a custom maze.
I tried to set manually the Portal ID for each thread but still unsuccesfull bidirectionality.

Can i get some help, like console comands, or worldmigrator.lua overrides allowing me to do this ?

i really want to improve your game :) just need you there




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I was thinking about same thing, linking multiple servers together, but my idea was to have more than one cave, so I was wondering if you somehow can have sinkholes in cave1 that leads to cave2 and then there is more sinkholes to lead to cave3, etc. etc.


how much modding is involved in this?

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0 mods are needed, i got 3 caves linked to 5 otherworld, but i cant control how they are connected to each other.
you can add(c_spawn) as many sinkholes as u need, but i know no admin console command allowing me to break or build a portal linking.

I saw something barely strange, when all portals a filled, if u use a new sinkhole, it will tp you to the rigged jury portal of another map, so you cant return this way. This is pretty interesting but i prefer set it manually.
I want you to have to roam and name every sinkhole to reach the last map "Darkness", Every map has a specificity, one is always winter, other always dusk, one withouth rocks, other without meat, etc... i want a multiplayer adventure experience like.

artemiyME, i think you want something like the solo don't starve experience, 3 undergrounds levels (2 caves + 1 ruins). Klei is working on this actually, im just waiting for updates about this. we will put in settings.ini "DST_RUINS" i guess, to generate only ruins. We will have to run 4 Servers all-in one, Otherworld>Cave1>Cave2>Ruins.

If you find something for us, call me :)

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