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Blank screen after selecting custom character

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Hi again! I apologize for all these threads. But I having a lot of issues with this custom character mod.

I finally fixed it, or i believe I fixed it. But now it gives me this screen after selecting the character


I have no idea what's causing this now. Any Ideas?



Edit: I FIXED IT. No worries! I figured it out.


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Hey @AmaaDivine, I'm no modder but the next most logical step for you take would probably to look into your logfiles after this happens. Hopefully the logs will tell what's happening here. If you can't figure out what the log means, attach it to your next reply so people who know better can give you more specific steps to take to fix this. The logs should be under Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether as a log.txt file. 


I hope that helps cause this is all I can offer, goodluck. Cheers.

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