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  1. Hi there! I was wondering if there was a way to make a custom character having the sound of WX-78 walking, a mechincal sound. My custom character has metal legs, robotic legs like an animal, but when ingame, i hear the sound of the regular "Walking" sound, is there a way to change it so It uses another more..mechincal stepping sound?
  2. Hi there! I was wondering if there is a script I can use so that my character can transform when her health is 50% below, causing her to change into something else, and shoot pink fire from her hands. I'm not comfortable trying to insert the code myself, as I realize just copying and pasting the code into the lua file, even if it's in the right spot, doesn't seem to work? Could someone help me compile a code for it work? She could use the staff animation when you use the fire staff, but not holding the staff, but still send out the flames, but pink in color.
  3. @DarkXero So I just copy and pasted that under the local function in the "marrina.lua" in the prefabs folder?
  4. Hi there! I finally got my character to work! But I thought it was a simple change, I guess not. Since she has metal legs, I wanted her to use WX78's walking noise. The clanking of a robot walking. I switched the /wilson.fsb to /wx78.fsb. But I guess it didn't work What do I have to do to make it so it uses that robot walking nosie instead of normal noise? Also hats are really big on her, but whenever I try to re-size the head, it's far off in the scml and the eyes aren't aligned. Much help would be helpful!
  5. Hi again! I apologize for all these threads. But I having a lot of issues with this custom character mod. I finally fixed it, or i believe I fixed it. But now it gives me this screen after selecting the character I have no idea what's causing this now. Any Ideas? Edit: I FIXED IT. No worries! I figured it out.
  6. I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what I am suppose to do with that code you gave me. Where do I put it? It crashes when I start a new world, well go into the world. @Mobbstar
  7. Hi there! I'm having issues now..again. I managed to fix alot of everything. But now it crashes and gives this error when I go into the world. I have no idea what to do. I believe "nil" means non-useable number or something. No idea how to fix it. Here's the error [00:01:38]: [string "../mods/The Tiny One - DST/scripts/prefabs/..."]:51: attempt to index field 'health' (a nil value)LUA ERROR stack traceback: ../mods/The Tiny One - DST/scripts/prefabs/marrina.lua:51 in (upvalue) common_postinit (Lua) <42-64> scripts/prefabs/player_common.lua:1449 in (field) fn (Lua) <1360-1650> scripts/mainfunctions.lua:148 in () ? (Lua) <137-168> =[C]:-1 in (method) SendSpawnRequestToServer (C) <-1--1> scripts/mainfunctions.lua:1216 in (local) cb (Lua) <1214-1217> scripts/frontend.lua:523 in (method) DoFadingUpdate (Lua) <487-527> scripts/frontend.lua:575 in (method) Update (Lua) <535-684> scripts/update.lua:93 in () ? (Lua) <39-123>
  8. Okay, So I've gotten my new mod all ready and set (Minus having the patience to make ModIcon/SaveIconSlot/Map icons etc for the custom character) I notice it was having some issues, either small things like script errors and such. But now It seems to load fine.. Except it won't go past the new loading screen into the character screen selection page. I figured it was this issue that I got when the AutoCompiler compiles everything. It throws and error about the Any tips on fixing that? EDIT: Here is what it does in the autocompilier
  9. Hi there! I'm working on a new character mod and I have a few questions Is there any specific thing I need to do when putting code for perks to work. Or can I just copy and paste them in the appropriate area? If you make changes to the artwork, do you just autocompile it again and thats it? My character is based on me and based on AU of me that metal animal legs and a tail. When her sanity drops to 50 out of 110, I want her to transform into another form. (Which is a face swap) This form makes her stronger and be able to shoot flames (Pink colored) I also want her to make a response quote to anyone who plays as Wilson. How would I do that? What coding do I need for above to happen and work? Also, how can I port this DS-ROG after it's done?
  10. Okay! So I was super happy that my mod worked in game. Kinda She is suppose to transform when her sanity reaches a low point. But it didn't seem to happen at all. I have the coding in it. Also you can go in and change the artwork if it needs to be fixed and stuff at any point, right? Or now that I look at it, the light glow she emits via script could prevent from it going completely black, if total darkness is what is needed to trigger it..?
  11. Okay! I managed to upload it this time. Hm, Perhaps it was zip program I was using that wasn't letting me upload anything. @rons0n
  12. Trying that. It seems to only compile the Nothing else in the anim and exported folder doesn't have the zip either. Now Autocompiler doesn't want to start, it flashes on for a second then goes away. Blah..
  13. I did. But I kept them in another file separate from the folder.