Invisible, Inc game overhaul: Pre development

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So if you have been around on the forums for a while you probably know that I and HumanKirby are planning a massive mod for Invisible, Inc. For a long time there hasn't been any talk about it, and that's because we have been holding of in wait for the Contigency Plan DLC. And now it is here!

So I made this post as information to everyone for where we are heading and also to hopefully get some more people to join in on the fun. So here are the answers to some of the questions you might have



What is this mod you're talking about?

Well it's a major overhaul mod so there isn't a specific goal to it, it's just to make the game more replayable and potentially improve things whenever it is possible. You can think of it as a DLC but free and made by the fans.

Some of the things we're going to add are enemies, programs and items, but it could also be bigger things like new mainframe functions and changed story elements. It could really be anything, and that's part of the reason why it is important to get as many people as possible to help out, even if it's really small things.


Sounds cool, what can I do?

Right now we accept any kind of support, but if you have any special talents that is very appreciated. Especially artists of all kinds are in high demand, whether it's sprite art, character designs, sound or music or even help with flavor texts it all is useful.


If you are planning on coding the requirements may be a bit higher. All Invisible, Inc. modding is based on the lua language, and since I and HumanKirby will be doing a lot of that by ourselves you need to be pretty good to be of any big help. But don't get discouraged! We will happily help anyone to get into modding.


Also if are well familiar with other programming languages you can help by making external tools that make our jobs easier. This however is probably in the future.


If I don't want to be part of the project, is there still anything I can do?

Absolutely! We are always listening to what the community is saying. You can leave any ideas and suggestions you may have to us and we will read all of it as soon as we can(links are below). Even something as simple as what you think we should name the mod could be useful.


When will you start making the mod? How long will it take until release?

Development has been delayed for a while so there's no exact date when we will start working again, but we of course want to start as soon as possible.


We have no idea how long time it will take to make the mod. Ultimately the mod will likely never be fully complete, or at least for a long time.

The mod will be released to the public when we think it has been developed enough and we don't know when that will be. Those who are working on the mod will of course get more or less access to most of the development versions.


I want to help. What should I do first?

If you want to be part of development, you should look at this post:

It's an old post but it should be your first step.


Next if you're planning on doing coding you may want to do some research on how the game works. Look up a good grep tool and start looking through the code. All code is located in, and I recommend you start with something you recognize, like items or guards, which are both located in sim\unitdefs. Then use the grep tool and look up what traits and functions do what. It is very overwhelming at first, but with practice it's no problem.


If you have an idea you want to suggest you can submit it in this topic:


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