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big challenge


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Hi there !


I don't know if i can do it and if i will have the time, but i can't keep the idea for just myself. And i would like to have some feedback, to know if this mod would interest other people than just me. Help would be really appreciate too, because i am not a good modder, i am a beginner. Here is the idea :


I would like to make a mod for good players who wants a big challenge. I would like to change the world generation. The mod would active 3 of those events randomly :


1) "Rarefaction 1" : Less red berry and less rabbits

2) "Frightening world" : Max sanity decrease, sanity decrease faster by night

3) "Don't you recognize me ?" : Less buffalo, and they are always in rut

4) "Spiders !" : Spiderdens are more protected, and spiderqueens make lot of spiders rapidly

5) "It's raining again !" : Rains falls more often, and lithning bolt are more often too

6) "You are angry ,aren't you ?" : Treeguards and Birchnut trees are more often. Impossible to calm them by planting tree.

7) "It's Gonna Be a Long Night " : Night duration increase.

8) "This is my egg !" : More tallbirds, and they move faster

9) "Hounds !" : Classical, but always painfull. More hounds for each waves.

10) "Rarefaction 2" : Less grass and twigs

11) "Weeds" : Lureplants spawn more often. They attack faster.

12) "Do you like frog's leg ?" : More frogs during rains.

13) "Winter is coming !" : Winter duration is increase.

14) "It is gonna be hot" : Summer duration is increase.

15) "Do you like honey ?" : More red hive.


I haven't decided of the mod's title for now. Some ideas : "Painfull world", "Crazy challenge", "Maxwell's gift", or "Die hard". I am open to suggestions. It would be very cool if the Maxwell script, at the begining of the game, were different.


Hope my english is comprehensible. I don't know if i will be able to make this mod, i hope so, but i will try !

Thanks for reading.

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big challenge


Name is the only thing you asked? Bitter Agony is probably exaggerated if you only pick three of those, whereas the tallbird one is actually quite useful.


I personally wouldn't play with it because I barely have time for play anyways and when I do I mod something so invalid vote I guess


Make a poll (edit your post)

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