Don't Starve Funniest Moments!


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Hello, I am the 8-Bit-Ninja and this is a compilation of some of the funniest moments of the first 6 episodes of my don't starve series! Thanks to everyone who subscribed to me I just reached 1,000 subscribers!


I intend on making these video's for all of my videos in the don't starve series so stay tuned for more!

For those of you who are wanting to check out the rest of the episodes here is a link to the don't starve show on youtube!

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This is ok, I can't watch more of the video because I'm worried it will spoil stuff for me and I'm doing a blind playthrough/commentary myself.

Thanks? If you get to the point of where you know about the beefalo you should be fine there aren't really any spoilers in this video, and my subscribers really enjoyed it! :D

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