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  1. is out and I left behind my old world for something new! Don't forget to Subscribe! http-~~-//
  2. The definition of a scientist is someone who wants to learn about the laws of the world(curiosity), and accidentally invent things. Applied scientists are people who want to invent items and accidentally learn about the laws of the world. I don't think Wilson is a obsessed scientist by definition. Maybe a mad engineer, technician, machinist, or something along those lines.So uh... This is school right?... No?.... Oh...
  3. Well I believe I read something about not being able to teleport if you are being attacked, but I agree with you on the part of taking away from the majority of your interactions in the world.I'm still neutral but if the world gets any bigger then a way to travel faster might be a solid idea(teleporting is one). Lets say capturing spiders(Or something fairly crazy, I saw a suggestion for a starved unicorn somewhere) and tying them to a chariot.
  4. I am neutral on the teleportation idea, but I think you don't have enough imagination on the subject. If this game was space-agey the meat effigy would be some kind of frozen clone. Likewise if this game isn't space-agey the teleportation device would be made from sticks and stones(in appearance) and is powered by straw/hay/tallgrass(or something), or it can be a magic circle powered by raw monster meat. The possibilities of making a teleportation device is not limited to a space age genre but also magic and the incredible sciences of the gentleman scientist who makes highly technological items out of scrap materials found in an uncivilized island!
  5. I'd like to know this as well, it seems like a less popular version of FRAPS that I have to pay for in 3,600($40) Japanese Yen(But google seems to think it is Chinese yuan)
  6. Are you using a built-in microphone? Because your desktop/laptop is REALLY loud. If you are then I suggest buying the At2020USB/ATR2500, Blue Yeti/Blue Yeti Pro or the C01U/C03U I have experience with the Blue Yeti and some experience with the AT2020(My friend has it). The Blue Yeti(The one I use)(Upgrades to the Blue Yeti Pro): This microphone is MASSIVE(12 inches tall) You don't need to install a driver.(You need to install a driver for the Blue Yeti Pro though) Fairly flat response Microphone. Artificially makes your voice smooth, you decide if you want this or not. Keep 6 to 12 inches from your mouth for optimum quality. Comes with a VERY sturdy stand. The AT2020(I recommend this one for you)(I hear the upgrade to this is the ATR2500): This microphone is small in comparison to the Blue Yeti. Seems to have a built-in low-pass-filter(More bass in your voice, makes you sound calming. I think this is a good complement to what you currently have going). Comes with a weak stand but it does the job. I don't think you need to install a driver. The C01U(No first-hand experience)(I believe the upgrade to this is the C03U) I assume this is very flat-response. If you get the new version you shouldn't need to install any drivers. I assume it is around the size of the at2020, though I think the C03U might be a tad bulkier. The C01UPAK should comes with everything you need to get started nicely. If your keyboard is loud on any of these microphones consider buying a shockmount(The C01UPAK and the C03U comes with sp01 shock-mount included) as it could be vibration rather then the noise, If your to cheap just put some fabric or foam under it. Consider treating your recording space with acoustical foam(If your cheap, mattress foam, note mattress foam is VERY flammable) or possible just a blanket(Make sure you clean it every once in awhile) to make your microphone sound better. Also note that these are "sound control" options that make your voice sound better, they do very little for soundproofing. I am just using a very nice blanket to treat my "studio". I hear moving blankets work well to. I was going to give you some more advice.... But I think I did my part.
  7. Did I help you or is that how you fixed your problem but you heard it elsewhere?
  8. (If you are using steam) 1. Change the Don't Starve settings to windowed. 2. Close Don't Starve. 3. Open FRAPS. 4. Open don't starve(It should always be in windowed now). 5. Press that recording hotkey. After you do that once, to record again you should be able to skip to the 3rd step. Hope I helped! ^^
  9. You might want to remove the "?feature=mhee" in "" as it will shorten the link.
  10. This is ok, I can't watch more of the video because I'm worried it will spoil stuff for me and I'm doing a blind playthrough/commentary myself.
  11. I'm thinking something like every x amount of seconds they would be attracted to eachother and just walk in the general direction of the pack for an x amount of seconds to prevent such happenings. So after 30 seconds, they spend 1 second walking towards a random beefalo in a small radius around them. Or maybe just set a waypoint in the middle of the pack that they walk towards instead, and a beefalo would head in the direction of the nearest waypoint every 30 or 60 seconds. Edit: That is more of a developer suggestion though :\
  12. Now you make me feel like an idiot for not noticing something so basic x.x at any rate bandicam and fraps are pretty much the top competitors, Main difference being Bandicam uses CPU power to record and Fraps uses the Hard Drive/SSD power to record. I have over 600 gigs in my hard drive so I don't need to worry about using fraps but my CPU is horrible... And that is what leads my recording decision.At any rate good luck and make sure you record in 1280 by 720 or something similar, I feel like the video itself is way to skinny. Oh and, Don't worry about doing bad in any of your first 100 videos, IF you do lets plays your first videos are going to be bad. BUT you need to make sure you get good as Soon as possible if you want to go anywhere.