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  1. Today I have reached 100 episodes in my don't starve series and to celebrate I have gone back and edited out the funniest moments of all 99 episodes before it, this took my nearly two weeks of all my spare time to put all of this together and I am very proud of how it came out. Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far this has by far been my best series!Video: https-~~-// Help out by upvoting on reddit!
  2. Don't Starve Funniest Moments!

    I'm sorry I was inexperienced and dumb.. It will never happen again! Thanks everyone for nearly 1,500 subscribers now and all of the support lets keep on growing to 2,000!
  3. Now up to episode 66 and still going strong, I have been somewhat inactive on the forums and I have missed some people re-posting my let's play and even a fan art thanks so much to all of you we are almost to 1,500 subscribers and we are still growing quickly!And to the developers this is simply an amazing game and you have earned my respect and this is now my favorite of your games, barely topping mark of the ninja, keep up the great work you have my full support on my channel on any of your upcoming games!
  4. Don't Starve Funniest Moments!

    Thanks? If you get to the point of where you know about the beefalo you should be fine there aren't really any spoilers in this video, and my subscribers really enjoyed it!
  5. Hello, I am the 8-Bit-Ninja and this is a compilation of some of the funniest moments of the first 6 episodes of my don't starve series! Thanks to everyone who subscribed to me I just reached 1,000 subscribers! http-~~-// I intend on making these video's for all of my videos in the don't starve series so stay tuned for more! For those of you who are wanting to check out the rest of the episodes here is a link to the don't starve show on youtube!
  6. Going live at 7:30Pm central time, or 15 minutes from when this is posted!
  7. I had somewhat of the same issue, although it happened because I had messed around with my graphics settings. If you are using an intel HD graphics card this may fix it. Open your Intel graphics control panel and in 3D make sure it is set it at least balanced rather then performance, this setting changes the textures and how they are shown.
  8. Poor game performance in steam version.

    It means that you have 2 graphics card's in your computer, generally if you have a Intel HD graphics card it is the primary one by default, but I think there is a way to switch that I am not sure how though. If you are just looking for a way to fix this specific issue with the Intel graphics card try changing the version you have installed of the game by doing this
  9. Poor game performance in steam version.

    I installed this version which I found on a different thread and it made everything run perfectly at a full 30 FPS. In the normal version I get 12-17 FPS.