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The Lamb Character Mod - Ideas and "Need Help with Scripting"

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Hello, dear Community! ^^

I wish you have a nice day!

If you know about my mod, The Lamb, this is a topic for concepts about her and about The Wolf! :-)

If you know something about coding/scripting, this topic is made to help me xD


So let's jump to the concepts…

Graphics! (The Wolf)

I would like to know about your ideas… Should The Wolf be a ghost like Abigail? Or maybe flying thing like Glommer? Or something like Chester? Write your ideas in the comment section below the topic! =3


Brain! (The Wolf)

I would like to know about your concepts for The Wolf's brain… Should The Wolf follow you and fight the monsters like Abigail? Maybe he could fly around and give you free Sanity or Hunger or something? Or he could be a little chest or a fridge… No, the last idea is weird… Maybe he could fly around and give you random goodies? Maybe he could… make poop? Write the ideas in the comment section below this topic! :grin:


Custom Items! (The Lamb)

Okay… Now this is the section about The Lamb! Custom Items… I thought about a bow… What do you think? I drawed a concept of her bow and maybe I'll think about some mechanics now…



Normal Stance (Bow)

The Lamb fires normal arrows that deal 25 damage in Day and 35 in Dusk. The Lamb can put the bow on the ground or just have other weapon or tool in hand.


*Magical Stance (Bow)

The Lamb can't fire any arrows, that's because her bow has been changed into a magical orb that fires essence bolts to nearby aggressive enemies. These bolts deal 10 damage and they slow the creature's movement by 10% per bolt (up to 50%). The slow decays in 2 seconds.

*This stance triggers when The Lamb is in Dusk or Night and her Health is below 25 points. This stance disappears when Full Moon Stance is active or when The Lamb's Health returned to more than 25.


*Full Moon Stance (Bow)

All arrows that Lamb has in her equipment are replaced by Moonlight Arrows. They deal 75 damage and they last the Full Moon night. Arrows decrease target's attack damage by 5% per arrow (up to 25%) and slows the target by 50% always. The slow decays in 2 seconds.

*This stance triggers when there is a Full Moon Night (the name of this stance is good, right?). It last the Full Moon night as I said, I mean, wrote before.


Special Abilities! (The Lamb)

Okay… The bow will be hard to do but this… Woah…


Like in the game (League of Legends), The Lamb will mark enemies. You will do it by just dragging her starting item (The Eternal Orb) on the enemy you want to mark. It is simple as that.


After a short delay, creature will run away from you a little bit (a pig, a catcoon, a rabbit and other passive/neutral creatures). When you'll hit the marked creature, the Eternal Mark will trigger and slow it by 50% for 1 second. All your next attacks against the marked creature will deal 12% more damage.

When you'll kill the marked creature, you'll gain a reward:


Passive Creature = 1 Gear (75%), 1 Blue Gem (25%)


Neutral Creature = 1 Blue Gem (50%),  1 Nightmare Fuel (25%), 1 Red Gem (10%), 1 Green Gem (10%), 1 Purple Gem (5%)


Aggressive Creature = 5 Blue Gems (10%), 3 Nightmare Fuel (10%), 3 Red Gems (10%), 3 Green Gems (10%), 3 Purple Gems (10%), 1 Thulecite (10%), 1 Yellow Gem (10%), 1 Marble (10%), 1 Orange Gem (10%), Guardian's Horn (5%), Deerclops Eyeball (5%)


Giant = 3 Scales (99%), 1 Old Bell (1%)


And that's it I think! If you have read over this long topic, congrats! ^^

Have a lovely and peaceful day, dear Community! :-)

And… I'm looking for someone that can help me with all this stuff… Thanks XD

Masters of Scripting, I need your help!

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Thanks for 0 replies, dear Community! T_T

I know that maybe I'm a little bit too nice, but seriously? Anybody? Maybe you, who reads this? Do you have any ideas? If yes, please, write them here... That would mean a lot for me... Maybe the reason is, that all the modders, or maybe just me, are not a big deal... The download button is the most important thing here? Maybe I'll just stop making mods and you know, maybe I'll just make artworks on Steam... :-)

Have a "nice day"...

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Might not be much of an overlap between LoL and DS players. The topic was also only up for a day between those posts...


Anyway, for balancing, the bow should have limited uses. Maybe refuelable with special craftable arrow items, like the Mining Hat or the Blowpipe from the Teemo mod? minus missing shots whenever you turn away for a second

I'd also suggest cutting the bow down to only one alt form, to simplify things for people trying to get familiar with the character. Maybe combine Moon Stance and Magical Stance in some way?


Dropping Purple Gems is a bit repetetive and actually not as useful as others, as well as really just being something to take up another inventory slot. You could remove those and bring up the chance of Blue Gems/Red Gems.
As for the mark itself, maybe attatch it to a Z ability rather than an item? Saves an item slot.

Or, you could forgoe it altogether and just have Wolf randomly mark things, like he does with jungle creatures in League. Though I'd restrict it to things that can fight back, at least. Bunnies probably wouldn't entertain Wolf much.



What sort of stats will they have? Do they have any downsides?

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