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Invisible Woodie and ...!

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1. I was playing Woodie and died in Werebeaver form during full moon. My friend resurrect me the next day and I became invisible (only to me, others can see Woodie as normal). Screen shot attached.


2. I dropped Lucy the axe on the ground and went to the caves (we were playing on a dedicated server). When I came up I only found a normal 100% axe! It seems that when Woodie leaves the surface world, his Lucy will be lost!




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and about the invisible woodie. If you are on Windows 10, then this will happen. Windows 10 causes a lot of visual bugs.


We are on Win7. I think the problem appears when ghost of werebeaver -> normal Woodie.

The axe is a feature, not a bug.  Just use any axe and it'll become Lucy.


Thanks! I will have a try next time!

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