[General] - Unable to Access "Host Game" Section


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Unable to Access "Host Game" Section

Issue Description: Whenever I enter the game and click on the "Host Game" tab, I get an error (I will provide a screencap attached to this thread). I was able to play the game fine for a while, but suddenly received this error that after enabling the caves beta. I've been able to play in the caves beta before, however since enabling it on a new system, it no longer works.

Furthermore, the "Exit Game" and "Forum" buttons do not work. I have to close the game out with the normal red "x" in the corner.

For some reason, there is no ".mdmp" file in the game's bin folder, so I will not be able to provide that.

(Thanks for your time!)

Steps to Reproduce: -Enabled the caves beta

-simply clicked on "Host Game" tab

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