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I hope this hasn't been suggested by someone else already. I had no clue how to keyword it to get the search right, but the searches I tried turned up nothing like this:

My suggestion is to move the equipped slots from the inventory bar (at bottom), adjacent to the status displays (Health, Hunger, and Sanity when it arrives) and give them graphical status displays. The two easiest ways to die in the game (once you know about the secret things that can pop up seemingly out of nowhere to kill you) are to lose track of your health in combat, or to lose track of your weapon, armor, or special effect item (Spider Hat) in combat. If the equipment slots were placed next to the status displays, and given graphical condition effects (the same way Hunger and health are, currently, although it doesn't seem necessary to have separate item illustrations for different conditions, as long as there is the solid color draining out as the item's condition deteriorates) you'd only have to look in one place to check your status, reducing the amount of looking away from the fight in the center of the screen.

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Well, I don't mind moving them next to the status bars, but I don't get how would it be different to have a graphical bar rather than a number to show the condition. I mean, I have nothing against it, I just don't see how it'd be better. Though I wouldn't like it to ONLY have the bar. I do still wanna see the exact number. Bars only are kinda... inaccurate.

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Yeah I must say I can't really see the benefit of this because its more of a personal preference than a true improvement. You will know the status of your weapons and armor before 99% of engagements. And you're able to run away from most monsters in the game or at least kite them long enough to check. I'm sorry but I'm not a fan of this suggestion.

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