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I think there should be a way to save your progress after a certain amount of days that way when you die, you can continue from your last saved checkpoint. like for example after surviving ten days you get to save on the 11th you wont be able to you'll have to wait until day 20 and then every tens days you can just save your map. so you wont have to start over and over with nothing

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after 12 days of shaving your beard (shave after 8 days then 4) you can craft the Meat Effigy which will "Resurect you with science!" if you die (assuming you have some meat) OR after 16 days you can craft 2 Meat Effigys with one Beard Hair left over.

The game is designed around a Hardcore Ruleset where if you die you die and unlike alot of other Hardcore games this game gives you the Meat Effigys and Amulets (both renewabe) to resurect yourself if you die. I highly doubt they will ever have a save option where you come back 10 days earlier if you die without having a Meat Effigy or Amulet.

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