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hi guys just made a mini-gameplay divided in 6 parts of Don't Starve,im going to post them here.

part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Part 5-

Part 6-

i will upload the rest of them later, this is a gameplay of 5 days from day 5 to day 10.

if you liked my gameplay tell me and i will probably make gameplay series of this awesome game :)

PS:This was just a Recording test , but i decided to make a mini-gameplay from it :)

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Well I didn't watch much of it but from what I saw from Part 1 all I have to say it 6 minutes is perhaps short. Are you recording with an older version of FRAPS? If so you can easily edit and merge the clips together.Also you can change your resolution to 1280x720 to fit the Youtube player.Edit: I hope I helped! ^^

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im using Bandicam as you can se in the top of the screen in the video, i dont have fraps.

i use windows live movie maker to edit and merge videos.

thanks for replying :)

Now you make me feel like an idiot for not noticing something so basic x.x at any rate bandicam and fraps are pretty much the top competitors, Main difference being Bandicam uses CPU power to record and Fraps uses the Hard Drive/SSD power to record. I have over 600 gigs in my hard drive so I don't need to worry about using fraps but my CPU is horrible... And that is what leads my recording decision.

At any rate good luck and make sure you record in 1280 by 720 or something similar, I feel like the video itself is way to skinny.

Oh and, Don't worry about doing bad in any of your first 100 videos, IF you do lets plays your first videos are going to be bad. BUT you need to make sure you get good as Soon as possible if you want to go anywhere.

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