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Make the home grown tall bird lay eggs

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So you have just used the times to hatch an egg raise a small bird to a teenbird and finally raised it to a tallbird. You have probably done it more than once since there is tons of ways for it to die either by hound attack, other mobs, starving and so on and so forth. 

So when you have finally raised a tallbird to its full size, you should at least have it lay an egg (either on a random spot, or only on rucky turf). It wouldn't make raising a tallbird overpowered, since it will still be a lot of trouble and the tallbird would still be agressive to the player.


This will give the player a chance to increase the number of tallbird in his world, and maybe if that player had tons of freetime, he could have a bunch of tallbird in a little fence.


Of course if this is added you should add a way for the player to remove a nest (maybe burning it?)


Please write if you have anything to add to the idea. As of now, I can't see how this would affect the game in a bad way.

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