a little feedback (spoiler included)

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Please dont read if you hate spoilers


i want to give a little feedback to the game. After Minecraft and Terraria (and Amnesia) i found this game. It looked just right. Some kind of Tim Burton Style that i really like. Normally i don't buy games i've only seen the promotion video but this time i did and it was all right.

It is just great. After dying a lot i somehow get into it and know i managed to stay alive for some time.

(Best moment so far was as i watched a red devil sneaking around and stealing my traps and not forgetting about the werepigs. One night i wanted to kill some spiders with a little pig army at my side and suddenly they all got very furry and wanted to kill me. So i ran around my little camp fire the whole night. My pulse ran like hell. Finally i managed to stay alive till morning as the pigs changed back.

I felt great this moment.. great till the afternoon where i got so carefree that a hugh bird killed my char.. again. (Oh.. this eggs are looking just fine maybe i can get one...)

I think this is a game (like minecraft or terraria) where it is a hugh mistake to spoil yourself using internet or google, cause it kills every pressure if you know what this or that monster can do and what could happen if you let some things grow..

I'll hope there will be some kind of goal you can reach with your char after beta (instead of only staying alive)

or some big monster bosses (if they're aren't already some) or something like this

but till then i'm happy to see other players suffer at the beginning of wilsons incarceration...

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There are going to be two modes. The one we are playing is considered Free Play Mode. They are planning to add a story mode, and here is a quote from this thread:

"Story mode:

You will be able to build a one-way portal in each world that will take you to a newly generated world. This world will be harder and may be lacking in certain resources or have new types of challenges. You will come into this world carrying whatever you had in your inventory when you left the last one, so pack your backpack carefully. Once you escape from enough worlds, you learn the terrible secret of Don’t Starve. Doing so will unlock some of the more unbalanced options in Free Play mode."

We don't know what kind of end they are planning, or whether or not there's going to be some end boss, but we'll have to wait and see.

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thanks :-)i think they could make some end that is almos impossible to reach.. but stuff like that let you do games over and over again cause you think (One time.. i will reach it :-D)

I have some ideas for this portal thing too- First of all, all worlds beyond portal should be randomized and even the content should so. Maybe things you could eat change. So berrys could be poisoned or flesh from bunnies rotten..(maybe tentacels are now a good source of meat) things should change in an evil way.. but in a way you cant read a guide to save yourself (in a random way) so every time you create a new world or portal you have a complete different challenge. Maybe there are monsters who burn down your farms and stuff.. so you are never save at all...Maybe pigs are evil know and try to hunt you down.. -Same should be to things to get progress in story. So you never know exactly what to do next. You have to find out hard way..- maybe even natural laws could change. So fire is set in a different way beyond portal. You need other stuff to fuel it. Or maybe daylight is now the time were the gruel appears and night safer.. only a few suggestions ;)
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