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  1. I have some ideas for this portal thing too- First of all, all worlds beyond portal should be randomized and even the content should so. Maybe things you could eat change. So berrys could be poisoned or flesh from bunnies rotten..(maybe tentacels are now a good source of meat) things should change in an evil way.. but in a way you cant read a guide to save yourself (in a random way) so every time you create a new world or portal you have a complete different challenge. Maybe there are monsters who burn down your farms and stuff.. so you are never save at all...Maybe pigs are evil know and try to hunt you down.. -Same should be to things to get progress in story. So you never know exactly what to do next. You have to find out hard way..- maybe even natural laws could change. So fire is set in a different way beyond portal. You need other stuff to fuel it. Or maybe daylight is now the time were the gruel appears and night safer.. only a few suggestions
  2. thanks :-)i think they could make some end that is almos impossible to reach.. but stuff like that let you do games over and over again cause you think (One time.. i will reach it )
  3. Might fit that all of the items you find in the graves could be related to the charakters... that would make sence (and is even more punishment)
  4. i think Maxwell is a demon or the devil or something like that. The charakters made a deal with him in there lives.(the classic deal with the devil thing) Maybe to get more sciense knowledge, or get over the death of their family or something like that. And Maxwell did it. He promised a lot of things and finally he kept all of them (in a different way the chars could ever imagine) but he wanted something for exchange.. So he trapped the soul of wilson into his own little world and you all know that the devil (or demons) dont have any pleasure killing humans with bare claws. They want to punish them as long as they can. So they tell things like: Oh, this is your new little world. its dangerous but you can live as long as you find something to eat here and you can do whatever you want and be reunited with your deceased...if you wish to (and i am not tired of my little mindgames). Did you think the hellhounds come from alone? Its maxwell who send them every now and then.
  5. I tried to get into the use of fire darts but till now i think they aren't very useful. It's kind of hard to make some and at first i thougt they would help to kill this giant trees or so but they didn't work on it. Yes he's on fire for a short time but then its out again and nothing happens and i used many arrows against it.Same is if you use it against spiders or other things. They just don't work well in comparison to a few pine cones stick into the ground around the object you want to burn down and simply use a torch for that. The cones and torch work much better. The darts a much to expensiv to make if you have in mind that every now and than while you farm the red feathers a red devil appears to steal from you. (so you spawn more enemies whyle you want to have a useful weapon)Same to the traps. They seem to be almost useless. I build a few tooth trap and used it against different kind of enemys. First i thought i coul trap some bufallos in it but that doesn't work. Only thing they do damage to are those little spiders and they are not a real problem to deal with. Same to the bee mine. Really cool thing but almost worthless cause every time i set it, some kind of random thing released it and the bees don't do much damage to anything. Till now the only way to get rid of enemies seems to be close combat (or that torch and pine thing) or swine combat. And that is very sad cause i wanted to introduce this game to a few people who are not that good at what you need to survive a close combat in most cases ( reflexes) :)but maybe they are fine with using swines for that purpose
  6. with a logsuit and a better weapon as a spear (there is some), he is not too hard to defeat. One tip Hold your logsuit ready all the time. If you are in trouble you can just drop your backpack and take it to fight everything without dying to Soon. Later you can take your backpack from the ground. Items inside will not disappear.
  7. Please dont read if you hate spoilers Hello, i want to give a little feedback to the game. After Minecraft and Terraria (and Amnesia) i found this game. It looked just right. Some kind of Tim Burton Style that i really like. Normally i don't buy games i've only seen the promotion video but this time i did and it was all right. It is just great. After dying a lot i somehow get into it and know i managed to stay alive for some time. (Best moment so far was as i watched a red devil sneaking around and stealing my traps and not forgetting about the werepigs. One night i wanted to kill some spiders with a little pig army at my side and suddenly they all got very furry and wanted to kill me. So i ran around my little camp fire the whole night. My pulse ran like hell. Finally i managed to stay alive till morning as the pigs changed back. I felt great this moment.. great till the afternoon where i got so carefree that a hugh bird killed my char.. again. (Oh.. this eggs are looking just fine maybe i can get one...) I think this is a game (like minecraft or terraria) where it is a hugh mistake to spoil yourself using internet or google, cause it kills every pressure if you know what this or that monster can do and what could happen if you let some things grow.. I'll hope there will be some kind of goal you can reach with your char after beta (instead of only staying alive) or some big monster bosses (if they're aren't already some) or something like this but till then i'm happy to see other players suffer at the beginning of wilsons incarceration...