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Bug Submission:

Category: Sound

Issue Title: Muffled sound

Issue Description: Sound is muffled in winter to the point where you cant hear spiders spawn or scream or hounds or any mob. Very nerve racking. Also summer muffle is back and its kinda bad too but not as much. Don't know if either is intentional but the winter muffle is TOO extreme. cant hear important cues. Cant even hear night hands

Steps to Reproduce: 1. wait to winter

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Bumping this. Sounds became muffled at Winter World Day 34 on a pvp server with no mods. No sound from mobs, adding fuel to fire, opening ice box, treasure chest, cookpot, etc.


Music and chimes from items being added to inventory and examining are unaffected.

Sounds return to normal in Spring.



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Yeah I was going to report this one. If you are overheated at a stage, even after you are back to normal state, all sound will be muffled till you reconnect to server or seasonal change may fix it. Try to reconnect to the server till the bug is fixed.

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