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Need help adding a dash when attacking to custom weapon

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I'm new to modding and I am working on making a weapon that allows the owner to dash while using it but I have no idea on how to do it or where to start.  I have some ideas on what could make a pseudo-dash such as increasing the movementspeed of the character to a really high amount when the character is higher than X feet away.


If making a dash would not work, then I am open to having it teleport the user.  I would like these to be when the person clicks to attack something and not targetable on the ground (to avoid spamming dashes/teleports to increase mobility). 


I have searched the forums and I have had no luck looking for what I'm trying to make. 


Thank you in advance for any help people give :)

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For starters, you need a function that fires when the weapon is used


local Dash = function(inst, wilson, target)

    --all following code, if not told otherwise, should go here





local fn = function() --you already have this line


inst:AddComponent("weapon") --you already have this (I hope)

inst.components.weapon.onattack = Dash


Teleporting is easier. Here's my absolutely untested concept. It uses a while loop too, which tend to freeze the game:


local pos = wilson:GetPosition() --get current position

local pos2 = target:GetPosition() --get target position

local differ = pos - pos2 --the differences in coordinates


--now, you need to calculate how forward you want the player to get tp'd

local newpos = pos + (differ * 2) --twice the distance

local repeat = true


while repeat do

if GetGroundTypeAtPosition(newpos) ~= GROUND.IMPASSABLE then --valid ground! yay

repeat = false --you can stop now

break --don't continue to the next bit either


newpos = newpos - (differ / 10) --get closer to the target (eventually one would end up near the current position)



wilson.Transform:SetPosition(newpos.x,pos.y,newpos.z) --tp there (y is height, usually 0, and doesn't matter at all)

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