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I never made it past day 11. Hounds keep ripping me apart. It would really help if you didn't have to start all over from day 1 each time. For example each 7 days you make it through you get an extra "life" you can spend or something and the game only resets you to day one if you actually die from starvation.

Or maybe each week you survive successfully is a checkpoint and you start from there unless you starve to death. I truly enjoy the game but I stopped playing it because I'm too much of a pansy and hate starting all over every time something goes wrong.

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n00biito you can build Meat Effigies which bring you back to life when you die, but they're one time uses, amulets work the same way but have to be worn on the chest slot. Adding a checkpoint system to this game would take away from half the fun of the game.

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