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The Big Character Mod Discussion (HELP ME OUT PL0X)

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Hi guys, I thought of getting a character commissioned in likeness of myself~

The thing is, I'm indecisive; I probably don't know myself well.
So.... I need your help and that smart brain of yours.
Throw me some ideas and talk sense into me.


- Unique in it's own way compared to other modded characters

- A character that everyone would love to play (since it's not a carbon copy)

- A character that depicts myself (to an extent, certain unique traits)

- Possibly introduce new mechanics/gameplay

- Have their own craftable tab of Items

- Balanced Character Overall




Just call me Mica. If I were to put myself into a nutshell, I am:

- An Avid Gamer (Moba, Rpg, etc.)

- A Slave to the Design Industry

- Mixed Martial Arts Noob

- A Makeup Junkie (Too obsessed)

- A Daydreamer (Dreaming all day long)

- I love Sleeping (Used to sleep in class)
- A Cat Lady (Though I don't any cats. I just love them.  :frown: )

- An Arcade Frequenter (Dance games are my personal favourite. Like Pump)

- Love is my life (I'm always hyped about crushes, blossoming like no tomorrow)

All these traits don't need to be crammed in; pick a few or one would do.




- Watching horror movies give me nightmares

- I'm afraid of complete darkness, what if something appears
- Losing loved ones (Could lose sanity when someone dies maybe)

- Hates hot humid weather (Though I live in a tropical climate. AC ALL DAY)




That's where you'll come in. Talk sense to me. What's viable and what's not.

- Usable "Z" Button (For something, idk)

- Craftable Ranged Weapon
- Unlimited Light Source
- Damage Multiplier




These are concepts I came out with. If you have other concepts, I'll add them on!
I'm just listing all the possible traits, which can be struck out if not viable.

Do tell me which concepts you are in favor of too! (I need some weaknesses)

1. Wica, The Daydreamer

- Able to sleep anywhere, anytime (Z button)

- Daydream Mode (Z button) (Undecided abilities)


- Craftable Blanket, Pillow and Bolster

- Pillow is a ranged weapon which throws cotton

- Bolster is a melee weapon; hits hard as a hambat OR puts enemies to sleep

- Blanket is a backpack; as many slots as a krampus sack/keeps you warm

- OR Blanket is a bed roll; immune to damage when asleep like a tent, able to sleep any time of the day.




2. Wica, The Lovestruck

- Being fed food by male characters fills up more hunger, health & sanity
- Being near male characters increases damage multiplier

- Unlimited Cupid's bow which let's you shoot players to heal some of their health,
friendly mobs shot at will follow you around (Pigman and what else?)  

- The Lantern of Love (???)




3. Wica, The Cat Lady

Able to craft cat plushies with different functions (Weapon)
- Persian (Keeps you warm in Winter)

- Sphynx (Keeps you cool in Summer)

- Siamese (Increases sanity slowly)

- Pusheen (Mobs will attack it instead)
- Savannah (Run faster and hit harder)

- Munchkin (???)

- Maine Coon (???)
- Scottish Fold (???)


- Catcoons will follow you forever/one whole day (Upon giving a present once) 

- Being near a Catcoon increases Sanity like a glommer but better

- Able to craft Catcoon Dens





If all goes well, we'll have a new unique character for DST uploaded to Steam Workshop for all to use!

The character would start with a W and be drawn in the art style of DST~


I appreciate all detailed replies; I'll like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read my lengthy post and making things happen. Go crazy with the ideas! If you see a character mod that has done it, it's most likely possible to implement it! 


:juggling:  :yaypigs:

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