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Equippable Item Chester Eyebone Mod Help

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I am trying to make a mod which allows the user to equip Chester's Eyebone and use it to make Chester attack other mobs (i.e. Merms, Pigs, Beefalo, etc.). But I'm trying to get the different images to show when the player is facing a different direction. I have tried using this code to make that happen but now the image doen't show.


Do I have to create two seperate .scml files to make it work. Right now I have both the images in the same .scml file but in different animation banks. My old build makes the Eyebone equippable but does not make the image change when the player faces a different direction which I posted here.


This is my current build that I am trying to fix.


Attack of the Chester.zip


Also, is it possible to make and animation play with the equippable item in the players hand. I'm also trying to make the Eyebone blink and look around when the player is just standing while the Eyebone is equipped.


Can anyone hep me out? Any help would be great.

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