Suggestion: WAGON - kid type (if no one has suggested it)

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I tried to read through but didn't see it. Sure, make it a little tougher to get all the necessary components but it is obvious you are going to have to have multiple campsites. Not suggesting it be something "major" - just like a 6 slot wagon you have to pull (i.e. put away your ax or pick). It has to be work but being able to get to a main camp with extra goods might be a good thing. Just a thought.

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You should have to make wood wheels, 18 boards for 4 wheels, 2 beefalo (near the science/alchemy machine) and 1 chest so you can have like a vehicle with all your stuff in it. Plus it's a bit faster than running.

I like this idea, just that there should only be one beefalo. How about you could just have 18 boards, 4 wheels, and six rope, you have to left click on a beefalo (not in heat) and you have a wagon. Also you would have to have a stable (see below) or else the beefalo will wander
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