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Re-doing Character Images

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I've created a mod for Don't Starve Together, and I can change everything in the images and bigportraits folder (avatars, mapicons, etc). However in the export folder, I try to redo it. At first I was using the cat image, and when I opened the scml folder, it appeared changed (like it should), but then I decided to re-redo the image, then it still looked changed in the scml. The problem is that when I am actually in-game it doesn't appear different at all. I tried changing the template from the cat to Wilson,  but I'm still having the same problem. Anyone know the solution?


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Did you make sure you deleted the zip files in the anim folder and then compiled it?

thats not necessary, but that way u will notice whether the compiler ran into an error with your scml, since then the new animfile will be missing. u will still have to look into the compilerlog to find the error.
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