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  1. I'm sorry, I'm really inexperienced at modding... I looked for character templates, but the main one was updated in January.. Should i go with that one? Or does someone have something else? I just wanted to make a simple character mod. Sorry of this is a stupid question
  2. @Kzisor So what do I do to make it run on the server? Or do I just take away the tallbird thing completely?
  3. I'm having some trouble... A lot of people are crashing with my mod, and I know it has something to do with my character not being able to be hit by tallbirds. Here's what someone sent me: Does anyone know how to fix it?modmain.lua crestonia.lua
  4. @TacoChingChong Did you make sure you deleted the zip files in the anim folder and then compiled it?
  5. Oh it's fine Lol xD I probably couldn't adjust my drawing style to DS style anyway. I hope it turns out good!
  6. Do you want more than one shadow creature? or just the one?
  7. This is only a sketch, but how is this setup? >.<
  8. Thank you for helping, but I don't think I can accomplish this mod unless I gather some knowledge of lua.
  9. @codelyoko373 In your character's prefab, put inst:AddTag("tallbird") under the local common_postinit. In your character's modmain, put AddPrefabPostInit("tallbird", function(inst) local old_sfn = inst.components.combat.SuggestTarget inst.components.combat.SuggestTarget = function(self, target) if target and target:HasTag("tallbird") then if ~= self.inst then return end end return old_sfn(self, target) endend)I put that under everything else in the modmain and it worked for me. I hope I helped!
  10. Variables= Algebra. Algebra = Go cry in a corner.