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  1. Need a Artist :3

    Oh it's fine Lol xD I probably couldn't adjust my drawing style to DS style anyway. I hope it turns out good!
  2. Need a Artist :3

    How about this?
  3. Need a Artist :3

    Is this too small or too big?
  4. Need a Artist :3

    Do you want more than one shadow creature? or just the one?
  5. Need a Artist :3

    Is this good? xD
  6. Need a Artist :3

    How about this?
  7. Need a Artist :3

    This is only a sketch, but how is this setup? >.<
  8. Variables= Algebra. Algebra = Go cry in a corner.

  9. .------------.

  10. Y u do dis graphics tablet?!

  11. Yay! I got a graphics tablet!

  12. I hate custom items. *Rage*

  13. Game crash...?

    It solved the issue. I forgot to rename some folders. XD