New System for update mods on server dedicated

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Hi all,


unfortunately, this problem concerns all dedicated server with many mods
so i have 2 servers dedicated DST with many mods (survival and wilderness)
if I'm not mistaken the only current solution to update a mod on a dedicated server is to restart the server, if the mod is not update, the server is unreachable for the players and the game show this message:


the concern is that if each modders update their mods for different hours of the day, the server must be restarted several times during the day, and therefore the server remains empty all the time, that's little boring


it's happen on a day to restart 3 times my server because the mods is on old version


I think it would be wise for the admin server can use a web server to redirect the mods, so players can always play on servers even with older version, I am confident that this may have other problems with version mismatch, but this system is already used on many game servers and it's works fine


or if you have another idea about this problem, you are welcome

sorry if I already mention this before but it seems to important

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@ToNiO55, it's not possible at this moment in time, if you noticed those are suggestions for the dedicated server software, also look at when they were suggested. It's one of the biggest gripes I have about the dedicated server software, it doesn't work well with mods. 

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I also mention a download mods percentage or a status about loading of mods when you connect to the server so that the player does not think the game is mostly block on servers that have lots of mods

this would be a simple but interesting function for both the players and admins

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