Preventing + Containing Fire

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i'm posting this before i go to bed in case i mess up my base in tomorrows session


how far can one fire spread outwards, and can fires be prevented from spreading using stone walls? say if i had two layers of stone wall surrounding a wooden wall containing my base camp, if a red hound exploded near the stone wall, would the camp catch fire? do i need like 5 layers of wall??


that probably sounds silly but i'm enjoying this playthrough and while i'm always on the watch for hounds, they still make me paranoid. chances are they'll never even get a chance to set my home on fire, but it'd be really irritating if they did


basically i want to know if stone walls can prevent fires spreading or if you need several layers of stone walls to fill up the potential space it can spread to


also, can bees fly through maximum height walls? i've heard someone say they do, and someone say they don't. having contained bees would be quite handy for producing flowers, since my base is surrounded by living trees.

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Fires spread if there's flammables nearby. How far "nearby" is depends on what and how much is burning. A ground tile (turf) worth of space should keep things safe though.


Stone walls have no negative effect on fire spread. They don't burn though (duh).


As for bees, it seems that they prefer a "real" exit, but fly over walls if needed. I never tried.

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