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Help with a character mod (a bit of bug squashing)

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Hi all!

   So I am just about at my wits end with this. I've spent the last three hours trying to sort this out with a friend. This is our first time making a mod and we're not making much headway. I was hoping to have this done tonight but it looks like that will not happen. Obviously the mod, as stated in the title, is a custom character. I am attaching the error log from the time our mod begins to load to the end of the error log. 


            If you could help by doing the following, it would be an enormous help:


                      Look through the error log and tell me what is wrong


                      tell me how to fix what is wrong so I can fix bugs myself next time :razz:


           I am attaching the error log and a screencap of the error screen. If you need any extra info I can do my best to provide.

  Thanks again in advance for taking your time to help a brother out!

Means Error log.txt


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[00:00:29]: [string "scripts/util.lua"]:396: Could not find an asset matching bigportraits/aristotlemeans.xml in any of the search paths.

Something is wrong with your bigportrait. Did you make sure you named it correctly?

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Okay, thanks for all your help. I've got one last hurdle to overtake, but I think I can take it from here. Problem was that a friend did the big portrait, and when he sent it it auto-saved as a JPEG rather than a PNG. Simple fix in Paint.NET, and the character loads, but he's INVISIBLE  :nightmare:. We can see his shadow, but that's a problem of it's own. So again, thanks for the help mate!

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