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  1. Where are the staff assets? I'm assuming they're in the prefab lua file? or are you talking about the animation folder zip? I'll attach the zip. globestaff_aristotlemeans.zip
  2. Okay, so I can get into the game as the character now, so thanks a million for that, but now the spear is equipped but floating 20 feet from the charatcer, the inventory image is invisible, and everywhere the mouse moves says "right-click to unequip" Also, what are the other errors showing in the log?
  3. Hey all, Sorry to have multiple posts on the front page, this is the first mod I've made and I've got lots of questions for lots of problems. The problem I'm having is adding a custom weapon (specifically, a spear) to a custom character that was working fine before I began coding in the spear. Anyways, in my other post I was having trouble with the inventory images not being located. I think I managed to fix that, because now I can login to the main menu with my custom character enabled, and start up a game and choose said character without a hitch. But as soon as the world begins to load, within seconds after choosing my character, I get a crash. The log, which I will attack below, gives me the error that it "could not find region "FROMNUM" from atlas "FROMNUM" it asks if the region is specified in that atlas. Well, I don't even know where a "Fromnum" atlas would be, I can't find it in any of the mod folders or anything (probably really stupid of me to be looking for this but oh well). I tried re-creating the atlas-0 and build.bin for the spear in the Anim folder, but to no success. I am at the end of my rope with this and could really use a more experienced pair of eyes to check my code. As said, this is my very first mod in LUA. It makes me feel really stupid because I've coded mods for minecraft in java before, although that has its place in a different forum. If ANYONE has any clue what I'm doing wrong here, and can point that out to me so I can get an idea of what to do better next time, that would be fantastic. Below I am attaching the modmain.lua, the prefab file for the spear, and the error log from the documents folder of my computer (Documents/klei/donotstarvetogether/) log.txt modmain.lua globestaff_aristotlemeans.lua
  4. Okay, so I am at my wit's end with this. I'm trying to make a custom spear for my custom character. I have basically everyhting working, except right before I join a world the game crashes and gives me this error: WARNING! Could not find region 'globestaff_aristotlemeans.tex' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages.xml'. Is the region specified in the atlas? [00:00:56]: Looking for default texture '(null)' from atlas 'images/inventoryimages.xml'. However, as seen in attachments, the items in question are CLEARLY there. It's also showing inventoryitems as an XML file, wheras it should be a folder, I think. This is my first mod, so it's been rough. I will attach the code to the spear. if anyone is willing to look through it and see if they can find what's wrong, that'd be absolutely swell. Thank you so much in advace and let's hope this is an easy fix! If you need anymore info, I will do my best to get it to you. Thanks again! You have no idea how huge a help this is!globestaff_aristotlemeans.lua
  5. Okay, thanks for all your help. I've got one last hurdle to overtake, but I think I can take it from here. Problem was that a friend did the big portrait, and when he sent it it auto-saved as a JPEG rather than a PNG. Simple fix in Paint.NET, and the character loads, but he's INVISIBLE . We can see his shadow, but that's a problem of it's own. So again, thanks for the help mate!
  6. Should have thought to do this in the last post, but here is the new error log. I would try to go on my own from here, but as said, I get no crash screen now. Here is the error log after a stop responding crash. Stop Responding Log.txt
  7. I believe so? How SHOULD I be naming it? I'll attach a screencap of the folder. Update: now instead of a crash screen, when I enable the mod dont_starve_together.exe stopped responding and closes
  8. Hi all! So I am just about at my wits end with this. I've spent the last three hours trying to sort this out with a friend. This is our first time making a mod and we're not making much headway. I was hoping to have this done tonight but it looks like that will not happen. Obviously the mod, as stated in the title, is a custom character. I am attaching the error log from the time our mod begins to load to the end of the error log. If you could help by doing the following, it would be an enormous help: Look through the error log and tell me what is wrong tell me how to fix what is wrong so I can fix bugs myself next time I am attaching the error log and a screencap of the error screen. If you need any extra info I can do my best to provide. Thanks again in advance for taking your time to help a brother out! Means Error log.txt