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Blurry Graphics (Netbook Mode and Small Textures OFF and Right Resolution)

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Recently got Dont Starve and Dont starve together in a bundle and as soon as i downloaded it ended up having the worst looking don't starve menu i have ever seen. Everything is blurry menus, HUD, Map, Everything in and out of game.


I've looked around everywhere and all the other posts seem to be due to idiots still having the notebook and or small textures ticked and not trying that, or having an Nvidia graphics card which i dont have. 


Just don't want to play it in 240p anymore while all my mates play it in HD. 



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I still can't believe I'm gonna help you out on this matter after that part.


In case you have an integrated Intel HD video card, check out the following post: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/50869-graphical-issues/?p=612354

Thanks so much for the reply yeah it was this. *sigh*  i looked for honestly about a couple of hours without results with almost all resulting in ''small textures and notebook on'' and it drove me insane.


Yeah more out of tiredness and hopelessness than anything. Thought id just end up having t keep playing it with it looking like pixels. But thank you very much for the help i appreciate it. <3

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