[General] - Controller + Wendy + Abigail = Abigail gets dismissed a lot.


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Controller + Wendy + Abigail = Abigail gets dismissed a lot.

Issue Description: Me and my friend were playing on her server and she was using a controller and was playing Wendy, when ever she had Abigail summoned she would attack her by mistake the reason this is a problem is that when ever you're using a mouse and keyboard you would never attack Abigail unless you used ctrl + click and not ctrl + f(I really love this by the way keep it like this don't get the wrong idea) so would be nice if you guys fixed this so Abigail doesn't get dismissed when your using a controller.

Steps to Reproduce: Step 1. Play on a server with a controller and play Wendy.

Step 2. Get Abigail Summoned by waiting or if you've played dst long enough use commands

Step 3. you'll have an option to attack Abigail without holding down a certain button.

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