Handheld item ideas.

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Just some ideas for new handheld items:


(Fighting Tab)


1x Pigskin, 1x Planks, 1x Rope

A small hand-held shield.

Blocks 50% of damage while equipped, not effective as a weapon.

Many characters will make swashbuckling related puns about it.


Tower Shield

2x Gold, 3x Planks, 2x Rope

A large Roman-esque shielf with a metallic finish and metal boss.

Blocks 80% of damage but slows the wielder while it's equipped.

Webber will mention he wishes he could go sledding on this.


(Tool Tab)


2x Flint, 4x Sticks

A simple curved edge for cutting plant stems.

Cuts down the time used to pick grass, berries and the like by replacing the kneeling/hand waving motion with a picking-up animation and a "swish" sound effect.

Wolfgang will note "Needs hammer"


Golden Sickle

2x Gold, 8x Sticks

It's gold. And a sickle. The blade is a bit more smoothly curved.

Four times as durable as a normal sickle.

Wendy notes it's like a scythe for the bunny grim reaper.


(Magic Tab)

Aggrivating Noise Maker

1x Reeds, 1x Paper, 1x Nightmare Fuel

One of those party horns that unfurls and makes a tooting noise.

When blown (Like a beefalo horn) the noise will make every nearby creature (and creature homes such as Pig Houses or bee hives) react as though you have attacked them, causing them to jump and then attack you as appropriate.

Good for aggrivating shy Koalaphants, spotting hidden tentacles and bothering beehives from a distance.

Wickerbottom will be glad she's once again able to be the life of the party.

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(Tool Tab)

Gardening Glove

1x Pigskin 1x Hound's Tooth 2x Silk

Just a tough leather glove with laces on the back, worn on one hand.


Allows harvesting of Brambles and Cactii and smothering of smouldering items without experiencing damage.

Only deals 17 points of damage in melee (Same has hammer, shovel, etc.)


Wilson: "I need to keep the other hand free to unlace this when I'm done."

Wigfrid: "A gauntlet, in case I ever to need to throw one down."

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