[Gameplay] - I can't see meat


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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: I can't see meat

Issue Description: I'm playing on a private server with my friend, but I literally cannot see meat drop. I kill bunnies and nothing appears. When hounds die nothing drops. My best friend can see it and pick it up, but I can't. I can however eat meatballs and other recipes involving meat. I just can't pick up meat/morsel/monster meat. Why is this? I have disabled all my mods and no one else on the server is having problems. It's really bugging me.

Also, it says my inventory is full when I have two empty spaces..Maybe the game thinks its meat, but whenever I try to pick up something in that empty space nothing appears.

We have no mods either.

(posted this on the steam forums but i figured id get a faster response here)

Steps to Reproduce: 1) Join server, pick wilson

2) Kill a rabbit from a trap / Anyway to get meat

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