What kind of building is this?

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So while I was doing my 120-hour-2-min run I had a horrible experience by day 3. You see I went on a vault mission on Plastech (terrible idea) let's make the story short shall we? 2 of my agents died (banks and Peddler, yes Peddler I modded the game check the master modlist. Klei add mod support please!)

I didn't get any cash I almost KO'd every guard on the level so daemons were everywhere not to mention hackers so I had to run with out hacking any cameras every guard on the level knew exactly where I was going but they were to busy helping their buddies on their feet and staring at the agents they had just killed (yes, guns kill and people die just move along silly guard) but I finally made it out.


Of course Central being so kind (as always) asked me "Why do you mess up your objectives like that? do you have a stock with this company I don't know about?" what happened with the: "A healthy agent is far more valuable than the content of any safe". I had to do missions from day 3 to day 5 with only Decker and Shalem I really thought that after that mission I was a gonner, but I kept going on.


And then on the last day I went to a detention center and I found Banks in there! she had all the items and abilities she had when she died. After successfully rescuing her I did yet another mission just 2 hours before the last infiltration at OMNI and I was delighted to see peddler in there too but the game didn't want me to rescue him (he died at Plastech and ended up in K&O? I find that weird)


Central told me this place was a Building but it seemed to me more like a cave!




WHO build this place? AND WHY???


That's a rather narrow building may I add.

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We can imagine it as cyberpunk-ish bridge/tunnel between buildings, and wondering why they put so many refrigerators in it.

It looks like K&O use that place for their guards/military simposiums and expos. They demonstrate here new guns, do master-classes, eats canape and makes a lot of bro-fists.

Black safe apparently serves for firing range practice.

And cells here just because why not. It's always cool for militaristic corp to have cells nearby.

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