[Gameplay] - Leafy meat impossible to cook


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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Gameplay<br />Issue Title: Leafy meat impossible to cook<br />Issue Description: When I've been getting leafy meat off of Lure plants recently, I have not been able to cook it over campfire.Not sure whether you can or cannot cook it over firepit or via Willow's lighter, but with canpfire it sure is not possible and so I had to eat it raw.<br />Steps to Reproduce: 1) Harvest Leafy meat from a lureplant<br />2) Put the Leafy meat over campfire<br />
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Just encountered this as well. You can, however, attempt to put it on a drying rack, but it will be refused and go back into your inventory. It looks like this is caused by this:

local function plantmeat()    local inst = common("plant_meat", "plant_meat", "raw", nil, { product = "plantmeat_cooked" })

It's giving the { product = "plantmeat_cooked" } to the dryable argument instead of the cookable one, so it should have an extra nil in there.

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