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  1. I just checked and small tentacles had no problem spawning on walls.
  2. I really think feather pencil should be durable item, requiring more jet feathers and charcoal to craft, but with ability to refuel it with ink (butter + charcoal).
  3. see title (valid for both sw and merged dog world)
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to just put item in mini-sign instead of dropping it nearby and then drawing it on a sign?
  5. I never watch streams, but I'm going to assume: moon caller staff works like obsidian staff, making it rain moon rock boulders instead; new marble statues are reskins of current ones, probably dropping more loot and something else with a chance (gears maybe); rose vase is reskin of potted fern. lets see if I was right about any of these.
  6. This would be good to be ported to dst.
  7. Yeah, I know this doesnt seem to be bug technically, but it is really annoying to lose all puppets because of frequent earthquakes. Please make puppets immune to falling rocks damage.
  8. Did anyone actually checked this one before liking?
  9. What does dragonfly worldgen option do? Reduces/increases respawn time? If so, maybe it should say "often" instead of "more", "very often" instead of "lots" and "rarely" instead of "less", as it is referring to respawn time? (in client, obviously)
  10. 830 files changed/added/removed total in this update.
  11. How came DLC took priority over main game content (caves)? Should be more logical to complete main game stuff itself before jumping to dlc.
  12. 228

    Shank 3?

    Probably a workshop for community-made survival maps and custom campaigns would be good.