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[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed;

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I'm running a dedicated server on Ubuntu it started and ran fine yesterday but today when I started it up I can't find it in the server browser.


steam@PROPEL:~$ ./start_dst.shsetting         winterlength    15setting         iswinter        truesetting         issummer        falsesetting         moistureceil    2478.3591308594setting         isday   truesetting         wetness 0setting         isnight falsesetting         isdusk  falsesetting         isspring        falsesetting         isautumn        falsesetting         issnowing       falsesetting         snowlevel       1setting         issnowcovered   truesetting         autumnlength    20setting         phase   daysetting         temperature     -15.053286264058setting         pop     0.06157633979305setting         season  wintersetting         israining       falsesetting         remainingdaysinseason   11setting         time    0.0020176569620768setting         cycles  24setting         precipitation   nonesetting         timeinphase     0.0064565022786458        K:      stackable                K:      stack    V:     7Child Name:     icehoundChild Name:     little_walrusChild Name:     walrusChild Name:     icehoundReconstructing topology        ...Sorting points        ...Sorting edges        ...Connecting nodes        ...Validating connections        ...Housekeeping        ...Done!Truncating to snapshot #25... - session/0000000042AD079B/KU_Vsj2N9qI_/0000000026   1 file(s) removedRestoring user session from session/0000000042AD079B/KU_Vsj2N9qI_/0000000025        K:      stackable                K:      stack    V:     24Serializing user session to session/0000000042AD079B/KU_Vsj2N9qI_/00000000261 uploads added to server. From server_tempTelling Client our new session identifier: 0000000042AD079BModIndex: Load sequence finished successfully.Reset() returning[S_API FAIL] SteamAPI_Init() failed; SteamAPI_IsSteamRunning() failed.Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 343050SteamGameServer_Init Success

I think it could be the line tagged [s_API FAIL] which is causing the issue.

I also tried connecting through the client using the c_connect command and using the server name some how got changed.


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Is your server updated? When versions between client and server don't match, the server does not show up on the list.


The steam api error should not cause any problems, i also have it ( for quite a while now ) and my server runs fine.

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